Book Birthday Party – Indiana

By Lea Diaz | February 8, 2019

Cool Book Lady offers an exciting on-site book birthday party for your children located in Indiana! Most parents agree their children have enough toys and would much prefer books for their child’s birthday. At a Book Birthday Party, our team will set up at your party with books available for purchase for your child based…

What makes USBORNE Books go great

What makes Usborne Books SO great?!

By Lea Diaz | February 7, 2019

All books are created equal, right?! I really didn’t put too much thought into it until I discovered Usborne Books & More! I used to just browse around the bookstore or Amazon looking for fun, bright colored covers, catchy titles or books that I remember as a child. When I describe the books to newbies, questions come…


Fundraising with Usborne Books & More

By Lea Diaz | May 13, 2018

Usborne Books & More offers several fundraising programs to help your organization, cause or charity meet your goals. Let Cool Book Lady help you kick off a fundraiser to create an impact in your community today! With a background in nonprofit management, I passionate about ensuring you have a successful fundraiser. I am committed to…


Book Fair – 50% back in FREE books!

By Lea Diaz | May 13, 2018

Book Fairs Usborne Books & More offers an amazing on-location book fair program for schools and libraries. Best of all, we do all the work! From set up to taking payments to processing orders to providing customized book recommendations to tearing down and cleaning up, as your Usborne Books & More Educational Consultant, I take…